Withings Activité

Withings Activité

Part of the problem with the nascent market of wearables (and in fact, all internet of things devices) seems to be design and form. Yes, an evermore impressive array of functional automation devices seem to be entering the market every day, but they often feel so clunky, so cumbersome, so convoluted.

Where’s the class, the simplicity, the subtlety, the elegance?

Withings Activité Smartwatch

The Withings Activité is the smartwatch that focuses on all those things, offering up a beautiful design as a priority but with all the trimmings that you’d expect from a smartwatch. Made in Switzerland and with a focus on “timeless french style” (their words, not ours) – there is no detail left unattended – all the way down to the calf leather strap.

Beyond the design, the analog face belies a considerable amount of functionality.

What does the Withings Activité Smartwatch do?

  • Distance Tracker – detects your movement throughout the day, including walking, running and swimming – plugs into the “health mate” application to ensure you’re on track to acheive your fitness goals
  • Sleep Monitor – monitors your sleep and wakes you up with light vibrations at the optimum time
  • Calorie Tracker – monitors how many calories you’re burning through the day
  • Watch – obviously! Don’t let its analog face fool you though, the watch syncs with your mobile, so as you move timezone and your phone updates, so does the Activité.
  • Because of its analog face, there isn’t a huge amount of interaction that you can have with the watch itself, so most of the that takes place via the smartphone application.

    Cleverly, however, and in keeping with its elegant and understated design, the Withings Activité leverages its vibrate function for feedback. The smartwatch alerts you when you have reached fitness goals or to wake you up. With that in mind, if Withings ever decide to open this device up to API access, permitting notifications from other devices, they could be on to a real winner.

    The Withings Activité will be available in late 2014 for $390.