Lechal – Smart Shoe – Wearable GPS

Lechal – Smart Shoe – Wearable GPS

Fresh out of the “why didn’t we think of that” box is the Lechal smart shoe from india. But what can a smart shoe do for you and why would you prefer it to any other wearable device? Well, the main functionality of  the Lechal is to guide and steer you on a pre-determined path.

Like Wearable Experiments’ “Navigate”, Lechal takes its cues from Google Maps. Lechal uses a bluetooth connection to your phone to provide haptic feedback and guide it’s wearer in the right direction.

How does Lechal use haptic feedback?

Haptic feedback refers to tactile (touch) technology which applies forces, vibrations or motions based on other inputs. In the case of Lechal, one of your insoles will buzz (either in your right shoe or left shoe) to tell you which way to turn when you’re on a walking or running route. The route has to be programmed into an app in your phone. The app syncs with google maps and you’re good to go for as long as you have your phone in your pocket.

What can Lechal do?

In addition to working as a wearable GPS, the Lechal also works as a fitness tracker tracking steps and calories as you go. The Lechal also comes with a nifty feature that alerts you if you’ve left your phone behind, similar to the coin credit card that sends alerts when you have left that behind. There are other potentially more benevolent uses for the technology too, for example blind people might benefit from a guide – its a great way to attain independence from a carer, cane or guide dog.

Is the Lechal good?

One of the beauties of the Lechal as a haptic wearable is its discretion. It can be inserted into almost any shoe, so no need for wearables on your wrist, or in the case of wearable experiment’s “navigate” a full outfit where you’re subject to a certain style. This looks like a great piece of kit, combining real world utility with clever design – it could be a real winner.