Apple Watch Slated For Early 2015 Release

Apple Watch Slated For Early 2015 Release

Hot off the back of a quarter which saw Apple create more profit than any company in History, Tim Cook used the earnings call to announce the release date of the much-anticipated Apple Watch.

When Will The Apple Watch Be Released?

Apple will start shipping the ios8 powered smartwatch to market in April 2015. This announcement represents a departure from Apple’s usual policy of keeping product release dates under wraps until the very last minute. It’s thought that this is a deliberate nod to developers who will want to ensure that their apps are completely up to scratch in anticipation of the product release. Up until now, app developers have been reliant on a virtual simulation of the wearable – so this will give them a chance to finally work with some physical product.

How Much Will The Apple Watch Cost?

There is no confirmation yet on the Apple Watch price, although leaks earlier in the year suggested that it might be on a par with some of the premium Android Wear devices.. putting the regular model at around $400 in Australia, although you shouldn’t be surprised if it stretches your wallet even further than that. There will also be a sport model for athletes (or hobbyists) who are particularly focused on fitness as well as possibly a premium model, intended to compete in the luxury watch market, which could cost upwards of $1000.

Overall we can expect a strong entry into the wearables market with a little more of a splash than the more understared homekit release which has gone mostly under the radar. All the pictures seem to suggest a rectangular face with rounded edges, and that the device will rely heavily on your iphone to connect to the internet and your cellular provider.

On the earnings call, Cook proclaimed “I’m using it every day, and love it, and I can’t live without it..”.

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