Google Glass Relaunches as Enterprise Hardware

Google Glass Frames

The Google Glass project has been revived and is back as a tool for businesses. The hardware itself has been re-imagined, not as a standalone pair of glasses any more, but instead as an attachment that bolts on to your existing pair of specs. We’re excited to see how this transpires – if its executed correctly it will give the ... Read More »

Microsoft Hololens Blurs The Digital and Real Worlds


So, the Hololens doesn’t strictly fall into the “Internet of Things” gadgets that we’re used to talking about here on Domobot, but it’s pretty cool. While some of the things it displays aren’t actually real, the technology very much is. The Hololens is a wearable from Microsoft that overlays graphics onto your visual field, very similar to the augmented reality ... Read More »

Apple Watch Slated For Early 2015 Release


Hot off the back of a quarter which saw Apple create more profit than any company in History, Tim Cook used the earnings call to announce the release date of the much-anticipated Apple Watch. When Will The Apple Watch Be Released? Apple will start shipping the ios8 powered smartwatch to market in April 2015. This announcement represents a departure from ... Read More »

The Ring Wraps Home Automation around your Finger

logbar ring

If you’re a huge fan of The Lord of the Rings books and movies, you’re sure to be intrigued by California-based startup, Logbar, and their new home automation device – Ring. This “precious” item is one of the more intriguing pieces of hardware to emerge in the smart home tech space and allows customers to shortcut many everyday things around ... Read More »

Pavlok – The Habit Forming Wearable

pavlok wearable

What would you change about your life with just a little bit more discipline? If you had the extra impetus to achieve even the smallest (or largest) daily goals, how much more could you make of yourself? Thats the question posed and answered by Pavlok. Pavlok is a wearable device that uses a small electrical charge to shocks its owner ... Read More »

Lechal – Smart Shoe – Wearable GPS

lechal smart shoe

Fresh out of the “why didn’t we think of that” box is the Lechal smart shoe from india. But what can a smart shoe do for you and why would you prefer it to any other wearable device? Well, the main functionality of  the Lechal is to guide and steer you on a pre-determined path. Like Wearable Experiments’ “Navigate”, Lechal ... Read More »

Withings Activité


Part of the problem with the nascent market of wearables (and in fact, all internet of things devices) seems to be design and form. Yes, an evermore impressive array of functional automation devices seem to be entering the market every day, but they often feel so clunky, so cumbersome, so convoluted. Where’s the class, the simplicity, the subtlety, the elegance? ... Read More »

Fin – Gesture Based Controller Ring

Fin gesture ring

Fin is a thumb ring that monitors gestures to control your smart devices. The makers of Fin think that the idea of pushing buttons is dated and cumbersome, so like Airtype they’re taking the tactile surface away from the equation. They also want to remove consumers’ reliance upon a static sensor (like kinect) and literally put the gesture controls directly ... Read More »

Airtype – The Keyboardless Keyboard


Airtype, a hardware and machine learning starup based in Austin, Texas want to revolutionise how we use the keyboard. Not content with how we’ve typed for the last 150 years, Airtype believe that the keyboard needs to catch up with the evolution of the desktop, mobile, laptop and tablet. Here’s how they make their case: Will the Airtype work? Airtype ... Read More »

Nymi – Wearable Authentication Technology

Nymi heartbeat monitor

Bionym, the company that specialises in biometric authentication, is preparing to release Nymi – the first “wearable authentication technology”. How does Nymi work? According to Bionynm, every heartbeat is unique, and devices within your network can be programmed to only respond to your heartbeat. This is where Nymi comes in. It promises to remove the requirement for pins, passwords & ... Read More »