Microsoft Hololens Blurs The Digital and Real Worlds

Microsoft Hololens Blurs The Digital and Real Worlds

So, the Hololens doesn’t strictly fall into the “Internet of Things” gadgets that we’re used to talking about here on Domobot, but it’s pretty cool. While some of the things it displays aren’t actually real, the technology very much is.

The Hololens is a wearable from Microsoft that overlays graphics onto your visual field, very similar to the augmented reality that we have come to know on our phones over the last few years.

Hololens and Gaming

Comparisons are already being made with Facebook’s Oculus Rift as the Microsoft Hololens stole a March at this years e3 gaming conference. Watch the briefing below as Microsoft explain how the product will function with games such as the popular Minecraft.

Home Automation and Hololens

Whilst this is pretty cool, the obvious more exciting applications for us at Domobot are those that we can use for home automation and jazzing things up a bit around the house.

With no confirmed release date just yet, we’re already eager with anticipation to get our hands on this piece of kit. As it opens to more and more developers the possibilities are exciting and as rich as your imagination.

You can find more info over at Microsoft

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    this is really cool i use to see this on movies i never thought the could make holo lens on realty . nice

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