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Windoro is a Window Cleaning Robot


Do you adore your robotic vacuum cleaner, but wish there was a similar product that could take care of the window cleaning too? Well, that time has arrived. The world’s first commercialised window-cleaning robot has been launched by Iishim Global, a company based in South Korea. MyWindoro has been designed to clean windows not only in and around homes, but ... Read More »

Winbot 7- Robotic Window Cleaner

Winbot 7 - Robotic Window Cleaner

You can now tick one more thing off the list of chores that you have to do – clean the windows. Winbot 7 attaches to any glass surface (including mirrors) – it doesn’t even matter if the surface is vertical. We have to admit, it looks pretty wacky but don’t dismiss it until you’ve watched the video. Window Cleaning Robot ... Read More »