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Ecobee 3 smart thermostat knows when you are not at home

ecobee thermostat

It appears that the Ecobee 3 is a smart thermostat set to rival Googles’ Nest, and could possibly outdo it in terms of performance and energy saving capability. The team at Ecobee have developed a smart home thermostat that not only controls the heating and cooling within your home, but uses sensors to adapt its output, saving you up to ... Read More »

Prevent water leaks in your home with Wally smart sensors

Wally Sensor

A leaking pipe in your home can not only cause significant damage to property and its structure, they can also cost you thousands of dollars in repairs – especially if the leak remains undetected for weeks or months. To illustrate this point, imagine that a build-up of water causes a bathroom pipe to split while you are out of the ... Read More »

Nest Announces It Is Open To Third-Party Development

Google Nest hand

When Google Inc. purchased one of the world’s most progressive home-automation companies, Nest, for a hefty $3.2 billion in January this year, we had high hopes that the Internet of Things revolution had just hit the big time. Indeed, we have not been disappointed with some recent news coming from the Nest camp. Late last month, Nest announced that it ... Read More »

Honeywell Lyric to compete with Nest

Honeywell Lyric

Honeywell has launched the Honeywell Lyric, a thermostat that will manage your home temperature based on its built-in intelligence. They’ve put in some smarts and algorithms that should set them aside from the Nest. Honeywell Lyric vs Nest Thermostat Certainly the two look similar and are both designed to act as smart thermostats, but there is a distinct difference in ... Read More »