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Ninja Sphere – The Smart Home Hub

ninja sphere

For those who have been waiting for an all-in-one smart home hub, Ninja Blocks has at last started shipping Ninja Sphere, a smart home hub that connects appliances around the house into one central “brain”. Using an app that works on ios or on android, you can set rules for one device to interact with another based on inputs from ... Read More »

Sense Sleep Tracker


Sense is a sleep tracker unlike others in the market – its not a wearable device but instead sits on your night stand next to your bed. One of the main differences between Sense and other sleep trackers is that it doesn’t just monitor how you’re sleeping but also the conditions that lead to a good night’s sleep. How does ... Read More »

Nymi – Wearable Authentication Technology

Nymi heartbeat monitor

Bionym, the company that specialises in biometric authentication, is preparing to release Nymi – the first “wearable authentication technology”. How does Nymi work? According to Bionynm, every heartbeat is unique, and devices within your network can be programmed to only respond to your heartbeat. This is where Nymi comes in. It promises to remove the requirement for pins, passwords & ... Read More »

Niwa – grow a bumper crop with your smartphone

Niwa Automated Irrigation System

European startup company, Niwa, has taken gardening to a whole new level with their their fully-automated hydroponic system that allows even the smallest of dwellings to grow vitamin rich produce through a smartphone app. Its a Smart Garden that lives in your kitchen. Javier Morrillas, founder of Niwa told motherboard.vice.com that the idea for an efficient and easy-to-use hydroponic system ... Read More »

ivee Sleek is the first Wi-Fi Voice-Activated Assistant for the home

Ivee - voice activated assistant

Home automation just became a whole lot simpler with ivee Sleek, an intuitive voice command system that can manage and control all your home devices as well as answer questions and obey commands. ivee Sleek – Voice Controlled Home Automation “ivee is the first wi-fi, voice-activated intelligent assistant for the home,” says the CEO and Founder, Jonathon Nostrant. “For the ... Read More »