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Clime Sensors Are The Complete Smart Home Solution

clime sensor

If you can imagine something that needs monitoring in your smart home, Clime sensors will most likely be able to handle it for you. The great thing is, that 1 small unit can sense multiple environmental changes and alert you of anything thats happening in your home. What can Clime Sensors monitor? Able to sense changes in temperature, humidity, light ... Read More »

5 Home Automation start-ups to watch in 2015

ninja sphere

According to a recent report by Transparency Market Research, the value of the home automation industry is expected to reach $16.4 billion by 2019. This is up from the $3.6 billion industry valuation in 2012. As we head into 2015, it is clear that the home automation industry is moving from strength to strength; and with so many new products ... Read More »

Prevent water leaks in your home with Wally smart sensors

Wally Sensor

A leaking pipe in your home can not only cause significant damage to property and its structure, they can also cost you thousands of dollars in repairs – especially if the leak remains undetected for weeks or months. To illustrate this point, imagine that a build-up of water causes a bathroom pipe to split while you are out of the ... Read More »

GOkey gives your phone the charge it needs on the go

Gokey devices

Every smart phone addict shares a common problem – a dead battery. Whether it’s that long phone call, that 2-hour mobile gaming session or that YouTube channel you can’t stop watching, we all have a little pleasure that sucks the battery juice right out of our mobile phone. And, why is it that you always seem to be a million ... Read More »

bttn – Control all your devices with 1 button


Meet bttn. The self-proclaimed “simplest user interface in the world”. You can either push it or not, its that simple. But what does it do? Thats the cool thing – pretty much anything. If this all sounds a little bit vague and fanciful, then allow me to explain. bttn is a wireless switch that sits wherever you want it to. ... Read More »

Flinders University partners with Cisco on ‘Internet of Everything’ vision

ken boal - michael barber

In early July, technology giant, Cisco, announced that South Australia’s Flinders University would become a key partner in developing the company’s ‘Internet of Everything (IOE)’ strategy for their digital health and cyber security sectors. The partnership, which has seen Flinders University invest $14 million into creating a wifi network for their Bedford Park campus, highlights the growing interest around the ... Read More »

The August Smart Lock says goodbye to clunky keys

august smart lock on door

The Internet of Things is dramatically changing the way devices are used within the home. With smartphones today having the capability to control everything from the smart thermostats to the lighting in your home, it makes you wonder what’s next in store to receive the ‘smart’ upgrade. Image: coolhunting.com It looks like start-up company, August, has the answer with their ... Read More »