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Clime Sensors Are The Complete Smart Home Solution

clime sensor

If you can imagine something that needs monitoring in your smart home, Clime sensors will most likely be able to handle it for you. The great thing is, that 1 small unit can sense multiple environmental changes and alert you of anything thats happening in your home. What can Clime Sensors monitor? Able to sense changes in temperature, humidity, light ... Read More »

Nest Announces New Partnership Integrations at CES 2015

Nest CES 2015

Nest have not wasted any time in 2015, kicking it off with some big announcements at CES 2015. The darling of Google’s acquisitions, Nest, chose Las Vegas as the place to push forward its “Works With Nest” initiative, bolstering the range of gadgets that are now compatible with the (more than just a) thermostat. We recently wrote about a raft ... Read More »

Smart Home Christmas Gift Guide

amazon echo

2014 was year of growth for the home automation industry. So many start-ups and ideas flourished from viral Kickstarter campaigns while the tech behemoths of Microsoft, Apple, Samsung and Google opened their smart home platforms to third-party innovations. If you have someone special in your life who loves new tech, this year could definitely be the time to buy some ... Read More »

Knight Rider’s KITT and David Hasselhoff reunite for Samsung Smart Home commercial

hasselhoff samsung smarthome

In a move of casting genius, David “The Hoff” Hasselhoff appears in Samsung’s Smart Home commercial reprising his most successful role – himself. After playing himself in over three feature films and several TV episodes, Hasselhoff appears to have finally mastered the role. He is joined in the commercial by his headstrong, if somewhat emotional, co-star of the hit 1980’s ... Read More »

Apple’s HomeKit and compatible third party products


The long awaited Apple HomeKit failed to make an impression at this year’s WWDC. In fact, the smart home device, which was largely overshadowed by Apple’s iPhone 6 products and Apple Watch, was only showcased for a few moments at Apple’s annual conference. That said, Apple have not let HomeKit fall by the wayside and it is still one of ... Read More »

Who are the big players in the Smart Home space?


Once a novel concept, home automation has quickly grown into an industry that is to be taken very seriously. Recent reports from Transparency Market Research estimate that by 2019, the home automation market will be worth $16.4 billion, up nearly $13 billion from when it was valued in 2012. If the dollar figures aren’t enough to impress you, consider the ... Read More »

Belkin WeMo Slow Cooker


Not content with limiting their offering to power and smart lights, the team over at Belkin have gotten together with Crock-Pot to create the Belkin WeMo Slow Cooker. It seems a strange choice of gadget to focus on when there are so many other home automation devices waiting to be developed and so many other smart home problems that still ... Read More »