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Ecobee 3 smart thermostat knows when you are not at home

ecobee thermostat

It appears that the Ecobee 3 is a smart thermostat set to rival Googles’ Nest, and could possibly outdo it in terms of performance and energy saving capability. The team at Ecobee have developed a smart home thermostat that not only controls the heating and cooling within your home, but uses sensors to adapt its output, saving you up to ... Read More »

GOkey gives your phone the charge it needs on the go

Gokey devices

Every smart phone addict shares a common problem – a dead battery. Whether it’s that long phone call, that 2-hour mobile gaming session or that YouTube channel you can’t stop watching, we all have a little pleasure that sucks the battery juice right out of our mobile phone. And, why is it that you always seem to be a million ... Read More »

Affordable Smart Home Lighting With LuMini


If you love colour or love to party, it’s time to check out the recently-released LuMini light bulbs. Produced by TABU Design, a firm in Hong Kong that specialises in playful home-automation accessories, the LuMini provides a cheaper alternative to Philips Hue for tech lovers who want to get started in the smart-home field. The project received more than $75,000 ... Read More »

Could Plugaway be the smartest power plug ever made?

smartaway plug

Demonstrating that even the humble power plug can receive a ‘smart’ make-over, Beijing-based start-up company, Plugaway, have invented perhaps the smartest power plug ever made. Letting you wirelessly control your all of your existing home automation devices via your smart phone, the Plugaway Wi-Fi connected Smart Plugs and associated LED bulbs are a leap forward in mobile-controlled home automation. How ... Read More »

bttn – Control all your devices with 1 button


Meet bttn. The self-proclaimed “simplest user interface in the world”. You can either push it or not, its that simple. But what does it do? Thats the cool thing – pretty much anything. If this all sounds a little bit vague and fanciful, then allow me to explain. bttn is a wireless switch that sits wherever you want it to. ... Read More »

SmartThings Does Home Automation Right

smarthings hardware

While the latest home automation systems are capable of altering the very nature of the home, we have in recent years begun to notice a series of compatibility issues arise from the myriad of technologies on offer. With so many different companies selling home-automation devices that are not compatible with each other, users regularly find themselves having to switch through ... Read More »

The August Smart Lock says goodbye to clunky keys

august smart lock on door

The Internet of Things is dramatically changing the way devices are used within the home. With smartphones today having the capability to control everything from the smart thermostats to the lighting in your home, it makes you wonder what’s next in store to receive the ‘smart’ upgrade. Image: coolhunting.com It looks like start-up company, August, has the answer with their ... Read More »

Skydrop – The Smart Sprinkler

skydrop sprinkler controller

Skydrop is a smart sprinkler that will save you money and save the world at the same time – thats 2 ways you can feel better about yourself with 1 purchase. Skydrop manages the sprinklers in your garden and how and when they should operate – optimising the amount of water it gets according to the weather conditions and your ... Read More »

Revolv Smart Home Hub

Revolv Smart Home Hub

Revolv is another player in the smart home hub market that you may wish to consider. Revolv claims to be the most powerful home automation hub on earth, boasting “7 radios”. Why do you need 7 radios? Essentially so that you can connect the revolv hub to the various protocols that are in the market on different “frequencies”. Setup is ... Read More »