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Lechal – Smart Shoe – Wearable GPS

lechal smart shoe

Fresh out of the “why didn’t we think of that” box is the Lechal smart shoe from india. But what can a smart shoe do for you and why would you prefer it to any other wearable device? Well, the main functionality of  the Lechal is to guide and steer you on a pre-determined path. Like Wearable Experiments’ “Navigate”, Lechal ... Read More »

Sense Sleep Tracker


Sense is a sleep tracker unlike others in the market – its not a wearable device but instead sits on your night stand next to your bed. One of the main differences between Sense and other sleep trackers is that it doesn’t just monitor how you’re sleeping but also the conditions that lead to a good night’s sleep. How does ... Read More »

Control4’s ‘MyHome’ Mobile App

control4 house

US based home automation company, Control4, has produced a welcome addition to their current family of home automation solutions. The Control4 ‘MyHome’ app is a collection of applications available on both smart phones and tablets that provide a convenient and flexible way to manage your Control4 home automation system. The Control4 ‘MyHome’ app allows you to interact with and control ... Read More »

Niwa – grow a bumper crop with your smartphone

Niwa Automated Irrigation System

European startup company, Niwa, has taken gardening to a whole new level with their their fully-automated hydroponic system that allows even the smallest of dwellings to grow vitamin rich produce through a smartphone app. Its a Smart Garden that lives in your kitchen. Javier Morrillas, founder of Niwa told motherboard.vice.com that the idea for an efficient and easy-to-use hydroponic system ... Read More »

Smartphone App Stops Criminal In His Tracks

dropcam-review-stops criminals

A man from New Jersey foiled a home invasion and robbery thanks to a setup of surveillance cameras and a free app on his smartphone. 29-year-old, Nisarg Swaminarayan, was eating dinner at a nearby restaurant, when the app, known as “Dropcam”, notified him that his house was being burgled. He used his iPhone to check the Dropcam security system cameras ... Read More »

Coin – 1 Card For All Your Credit Cards

Coin - Credit Card in 1

Coin has set out its mission statement: “Use 1 coin for all of your cards”. 1 Coin For All of Your Cards Coin aims to single handedly lighten and shrink your wallet by plugging all of your existing cards into one manageable gadget. If you’ve ever seen the Seinfeld episode where George Costanza gets a sore back from carrying a ... Read More »

Home Automation for iOS 8 and WWDC 2014

apple ios 8

It’s being widely speculated that Apple will lead its 2014 WWDC with an announcement about new Home Automation features. Home Automation on iPhone The announcement is still under wraps but what little we do know about the WWDC announcement, leaves more questions than answers. Will iOS 8 control 3rd party hardware as it does currently with Philips Hue? Does that ... Read More »