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Windoro is a Window Cleaning Robot


Do you adore your robotic vacuum cleaner, but wish there was a similar product that could take care of the window cleaning too? Well, that time has arrived. The world’s first commercialised window-cleaning robot has been launched by Iishim Global, a company based in South Korea. MyWindoro has been designed to clean windows not only in and around homes, but ... Read More »

Amazon Dash – Automate your Shopping

amazon dash

Amazon Dash is the solution that every lazy or reluctant shopper has been looking for. At domobot we come across all sorts of automation solutions – gadgets that will either ease or optimise regular tasks that can often be inefficient. Amazon Dash potentially gives the greatest return on investment for automating weekly labour! Describing itself as “shopping made simple”, Amazon ... Read More »

Reemo – The Wrist Motion Remote

reemo wearable

If pushing buttons is too much effort for you, Playtabase has the perfect solution – Reemo, the wrist motion remote. Seriously though, this is actually pretty cool – if you’ve ever wanted to pretend as though you have jedi powers, the Reemo, “a wrist worn mouse to control your world” is possibly the answer. A wearable device that sits on ... Read More »

The August Smart Lock says goodbye to clunky keys

august smart lock on door

The Internet of Things is dramatically changing the way devices are used within the home. With smartphones today having the capability to control everything from the smart thermostats to the lighting in your home, it makes you wonder what’s next in store to receive the ‘smart’ upgrade. Image: coolhunting.com It looks like start-up company, August, has the answer with their ... Read More »

Skydrop – The Smart Sprinkler

skydrop sprinkler controller

Skydrop is a smart sprinkler that will save you money and save the world at the same time – thats 2 ways you can feel better about yourself with 1 purchase. Skydrop manages the sprinklers in your garden and how and when they should operate – optimising the amount of water it gets according to the weather conditions and your ... Read More »

Revolv Smart Home Hub

Revolv Smart Home Hub

Revolv is another player in the smart home hub market that you may wish to consider. Revolv claims to be the most powerful home automation hub on earth, boasting “7 radios”. Why do you need 7 radios? Essentially so that you can connect the revolv hub to the various protocols that are in the market on different “frequencies”. Setup is ... Read More »

What is the “Internet Of Things”

internet of things

With the emergence of home automation startups such as Nest and Apple’s HomeKit, you may have been hearing the phrase ‘Internet of Things’ discussed in tech circles. The phrase explains the ability of objects, such as household whitegoods or your home’s air conditioning unit, being controlled by the internet and more importantly, your smartphone. Whilst the phrase may be unfamiliar ... Read More »

Ninja Sphere – The Smart Home Hub

ninja sphere

For those who have been waiting for an all-in-one smart home hub, Ninja Blocks has at last started shipping Ninja Sphere, a smart home hub that connects appliances around the house into one central “brain”. Using an app that works on ios or on android, you can set rules for one device to interact with another based on inputs from ... Read More »