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Pavlok – The Habit Forming Wearable

pavlok wearable

What would you change about your life with just a little bit more discipline? If you had the extra impetus to achieve even the smallest (or largest) daily goals, how much more could you make of yourself? Thats the question posed and answered by Pavlok. Pavlok is a wearable device that uses a small electrical charge to shocks its owner ... Read More »

Reemo – The Wrist Motion Remote

reemo wearable

If pushing buttons is too much effort for you, Playtabase has the perfect solution – Reemo, the wrist motion remote. Seriously though, this is actually pretty cool – if you’ve ever wanted to pretend as though you have jedi powers, the Reemo, “a wrist worn mouse to control your world” is possibly the answer. A wearable device that sits on ... Read More »

What is the “Internet Of Things”

internet of things

With the emergence of home automation startups such as Nest and Apple’s HomeKit, you may have been hearing the phrase ‘Internet of Things’ discussed in tech circles. The phrase explains the ability of objects, such as household whitegoods or your home’s air conditioning unit, being controlled by the internet and more importantly, your smartphone. Whilst the phrase may be unfamiliar ... Read More »

Fitness Trackers provided by Australian Health Insurance

Fitbit Flex

Australian Health Insurance companies are starting to provide fitness trackers as away to encourage better health. Activity Trackers provided by Medibank Medibank Health Insurance has taken the progressive step of including a Fitbit Flex Wireless Activity Tracker with new signups to their Hospital and Extras cover. Prospective customers can sign up before 30/06/14. Its hoped that by encouraging their clients ... Read More »