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Grillbot – The BBQ Grill Cleaning Robot


Grillbot is a robot that will clean your BBQ grill – its that simple that I’m not sure I should even continue. Sometimes at Domobot we feel like we’re competing to find the laziest gadgets out on the market, and of all the domestic robots that we’ve reviewed so far – this may just be the winner. The Grillbot is ... Read More »

Windoro is a Window Cleaning Robot


Do you adore your robotic vacuum cleaner, but wish there was a similar product that could take care of the window cleaning too? Well, that time has arrived. The world’s first commercialised window-cleaning robot has been launched by Iishim Global, a company based in South Korea. MyWindoro has been designed to clean windows not only in and around homes, but ... Read More »

iRobot Braava Uses Northstar Technology to Clean Your Floors

irobot braava

If you love your automatic robot vacuum cleaner but wished that it could also mop your floors when it was done, you’re sure to be thrilled by the release of the iRobot Braava Floor Mopping Robot. The Braava stems from iRobot’s $74 million acquisition, in 2012, of Evolution Robotics, the company that created the four-sided Mint robotic floor mop that ... Read More »

Neato Domestic Robot Vacuum Cleaner Signature Black

Neato XV Signature Pro robot vacuum

The Neato XV Signature Vacuum Cleaner comes in at a slighter higher spec and price point than the Kogan Robot Vacuum Cleaner but is an impressive bit of kit (if you like that sort of thing). Its another in a long line of “set and forget” vacuums that you can just leave to its own devices (excuse the second pun) ... Read More »

Winbot 7- Robotic Window Cleaner

Winbot 7 - Robotic Window Cleaner

You can now tick one more thing off the list of chores that you have to do – clean the windows. Winbot 7 attaches to any glass surface (including mirrors) – it doesn’t even matter if the surface is vertical. We have to admit, it looks pretty wacky but don’t dismiss it until you’ve watched the video. Window Cleaning Robot ... Read More »