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Nest Announces New Partnership Integrations at CES 2015

Nest CES 2015

Nest have not wasted any time in 2015, kicking it off with some big announcements at CES 2015. The darling of Google’s acquisitions, Nest, chose Las Vegas as the place to push forward its “Works With Nest” initiative, bolstering the range of gadgets that are now compatible with the (more than just a) thermostat. We recently wrote about a raft ... Read More »

Apple’s HomeKit expected to showcase at CES next month


Although Apple’s execs have promised to bring the Internet of Things and home automation to the iOS system through the company’s HomeKit smart home platform, no launches occurred in 2014. The company announced their take on the home automation concept at the same time that iOS8 was unveiled, back in June. Many tech experts expected the Apple HomeKit to be ... Read More »

More IoT companies sign on to work with Nest Labs

Google Nest

Google constantly stays at the forefront of technology, and it seems their home automation project, Nest, is no different. The company has just announced that it will be integrating its technology with a raft of new partners. Nest Labs launched its “Works with Nest” developer program around five months ago. At the time, partnerships with big names such as Mercedes ... Read More »

Control Your Home with the SwannOne Home Automation Hub

swann one

If you’d like a smart home security solution that is easy to set up and simple to use, check out the new SwannOne home automation hub. With SwannOne, buyers will be able to control all aspects of their home security or company security from a single smartphone app. The smart home industry has been going ahead in leaps and bounds, ... Read More »

SmartThings Does Home Automation Right

smarthings hardware

While the latest home automation systems are capable of altering the very nature of the home, we have in recent years begun to notice a series of compatibility issues arise from the myriad of technologies on offer. With so many different companies selling home-automation devices that are not compatible with each other, users regularly find themselves having to switch through ... Read More »

Skydrop – The Smart Sprinkler

skydrop sprinkler controller

Skydrop is a smart sprinkler that will save you money and save the world at the same time – thats 2 ways you can feel better about yourself with 1 purchase. Skydrop manages the sprinklers in your garden and how and when they should operate – optimising the amount of water it gets according to the weather conditions and your ... Read More »