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Home automation industry expected to surge in Australia and globally

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With Australian smart home start-ups, such as Ninja Blocks, kicking goals on the world stage, the Australian home automation industry is poised to go from strength to strength over the next five years. It is a trend that reflected by the strength of the growing home automation market worldwide. Global Home Automation Industry Transparency Market Research recently released its report ... Read More »

Flinders University partners with Cisco on ‘Internet of Everything’ vision

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In early July, technology giant, Cisco, announced that South Australia’s Flinders University would become a key partner in developing the company’s ‘Internet of Everything (IOE)’ strategy for their digital health and cyber security sectors. The partnership, which has seen Flinders University invest $14 million into creating a wifi network for their Bedford Park campus, highlights the growing interest around the ... Read More »

Ninja Sphere – The Smart Home Hub

ninja sphere

For those who have been waiting for an all-in-one smart home hub, Ninja Blocks has at last started shipping Ninja Sphere, a smart home hub that connects appliances around the house into one central “brain”. Using an app that works on ios or on android, you can set rules for one device to interact with another based on inputs from ... Read More »