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Apple Car “Titan” Is In The Works

apple titan car

Rumours are rife in Silicon Valley that Apple has set its sights on launching a new car. The Apple car, codenamed Titan, first came to light in the last week or so, as it began to emerge that a number of Tesla’s employees were starting to migrate from the automobile manufacturer over to the tech giant. In a recent interview ... Read More »

Apple CarPlay vs Android Auto – A Comparison


Since both technology power houses announced their foray into the connected vehicle world, there has been a lot of discussion about what their products might look like. With very few automobile manufacturers releasing connected vehicles, eager enthusiasts have had to wait for a real insight into how the eventual products might function. Interestingly, Hyundai have gotten ahead of the game, ... Read More »

Apple Watch Slated For Early 2015 Release


Hot off the back of a quarter which saw Apple create more profit than any company in History, Tim Cook used the earnings call to announce the release date of the much-anticipated Apple Watch. When Will The Apple Watch Be Released? Apple will start shipping the ios8 powered smartwatch to market in April 2015. This announcement represents a departure from ... Read More »

Apple’s HomeKit expected to showcase at CES next month


Although Apple’s execs have promised to bring the Internet of Things and home automation to the iOS system through the company’s HomeKit smart home platform, no launches occurred in 2014. The company announced their take on the home automation concept at the same time that iOS8 was unveiled, back in June. Many tech experts expected the Apple HomeKit to be ... Read More »

Apple’s HomeKit and compatible third party products


The long awaited Apple HomeKit failed to make an impression at this year’s WWDC. In fact, the smart home device, which was largely overshadowed by Apple’s iPhone 6 products and Apple Watch, was only showcased for a few moments at Apple’s annual conference. That said, Apple have not let HomeKit fall by the wayside and it is still one of ... Read More »

Home Automation for iOS 8 and WWDC 2014

apple ios 8

It’s being widely speculated that Apple will lead its 2014 WWDC with an announcement about new Home Automation features. Home Automation on iPhone The announcement is still under wraps but what little we do know about the WWDC announcement, leaves more questions than answers. Will iOS 8 control 3rd party hardware as it does currently with Philips Hue? Does that ... Read More »