Smartphone App Stops Criminal In His Tracks

Smartphone App Stops Criminal In His Tracks

A man from New Jersey foiled a home invasion and robbery thanks to a setup of surveillance cameras and a free app on his smartphone.

29-year-old, Nisarg Swaminarayan, was eating dinner at a nearby restaurant, when the app, known as “Dropcam”, notified him that his house was being burgled. He used his iPhone to check the Dropcam security system cameras installed in the home and saw the burglary-in-progress being live streamed to his smartphone.

The burglar had noticed one of the surveillance cameras and turned it around so as to not be seen, however he did not see the other two cameras that Swaminarayan had set up in the room.

Illuminated by the Dropcam’s quality automatic infra-red LED technology, every movement of the burglar was captured on the smartphone.

Hoping to scare the man off, Swaminarayan then used the smartphone app to shout through the camera’s speakers. “I shouted ‘Leave my home, I can see you, leave my home,’” he recalls. Luckily the tactic worked and the burglar ran off.

Police were called to the scene once the homeowner alerted them to the break-in and after watching the Dropcam surveillance footage they were able to track down the suspected offender, 22-year-old, Oliver Alavez-Luengas. The man has been held on bail, set at $25,000, in a New Jersey jail – all thanks to a few mounted cameras, a free iPhone app and a simple alert. It just goes to show exactly some of the innovative ways that new technology can be utilised in this mobile and internet-savvy day and age.

As a United States security expert, Chris McGoey, reported to the U.S. ABC News, technology like the Dropcam security system is becoming more and more common in homes and businesses. He said, “It’s being embraced more and more by the mainstream as situations like this happen and we see proof of their effectiveness”.

About Dropcam

It was announced this week that Google has acquired Dropcam for its Nest home automation wing for $555 million in cash. Dropcam also just announced a new product called “Tabs” that stick to doors and windows, and then alert you if someone opens them

Dropcam Specs

The Dropcam Wi-Fi Wireless Video Monitoring Camera includes a variety of clever features including:

  • An easy, one-minute set-up so that you can be streaming live in less than 60 seconds.
  • High-quality, 720p high-definition video
  • A wide field of view (107 degree diagonal) as well as night vision and zoom so that you never miss a thing
  • Scheduling ability, intelligent alerts, mobile and web apps, and two-way talk so that you can always be connected
  • Cloud video recording (CVR) means that you can make clips and review captured footage with an optional, secure, off-site recording function
  • The Dropcam security system can be purchased from Dropcam website with prices starting from around USD $149.99 for the entry-level model. The free Dropcam app is available from the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store.