Who rules the Internet of Things?

Who rules the Internet of Things?

Appinions, the Data Journalism group, has released its findings from its latest research conducted from March through June 2014. Some of their initial findings indicate that

  • Apple’s announcement of HomeKit dramatically boosted their standings
  • Home Automation is the most popular category in the Internet of Things market
  • The standings are volatile – across the period of research, Microsoft, Cisco and Apple all held the top spot
  • There were several clear categories including Home Automation, Software Platforms, Connectivity Devices and Home Security Products
  • The Major Brands are Already Winning

    Already the established players are emerging as the leaders in the market. The only real new guy in the top 5 is Nest and when you consider that they’re now essentially a part of Google, you’re looking at the usual tech companies who are dominating the industry.

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    What are the main verticals?

  • Home automation – anything that connects household appliances, thermostats, audio and visual in the home
  • Software platforms – software that aggregates the data and manages your devices such as HomeKit or IFTT
  • Connectivity enabling devices – hardware like routers, modems and the components that make up connected devices
  • top 20 iot by sector

    What are the most influential Internet of Things devices?

    According to Appinions and their complex calculations, there were a few standout Home Automation devices garnering attention between March and June 14 :

  • 183 influence points – Dropcam
  • 158 influence pointsHoneywell Lyric Thermostat
  • 45 influence points – Logitech Harmony Remote
  • 20 influence points – Kwikset Kevo E-Lock
  • 19 influence pointsPhilips Hue Smart Bulb
  • 18 influence points – Belkin WeMo Home Controller
  • Conclusions

    The conclusions to be drawn from this study suggest what many of us already suspected – the market is early and volatile as the major players rush to release news of products to the market and gain a share of this emerging industry. Expect plenty of movements over the coming years as the new startups enter the market and old giants look to protect their position as the leaders in the tech world. For the full report, check it out on appinion’s website