Netgear STS7000 – Netgear Releases Home Security Tablet

Netgear STS7000 – Netgear Releases Home Security Tablet

Netgear STS7000 and Home Automation

Netgear has taken its first major step into the home automation market with the release of the Netgear STS700.

Netgear Home Security Tablet

Netgear has teamed up with icontrol networks for the tablet which will act as a touchscreen device to control anything that is plugged into the iControl network in your house. The Android powered device will also come with maps, weather and even sports and news alerts. Its an interesting move for the traditionally router / modem focused brand as they look to market a specific interface and compete with existing devices. With iOS and Android already available on countless devices (and soon-to-be wearables), is creating such a focused product such a good idea?

Given Netgear’s track record for producing robust hardware, perhaps the answer is yes. It comes with high speed simultaneous dual band and wi-fi connectivity, and the device looks to be pretty sturdy. It has a removable battery and a stand which means it can be placed down anywhere in the house.

Netgear and iControl

While not necessary an obvious choice, Netgear’s decision to partner the Netgear STS7000 with iControl reaps them immediate dividends as the network already connects to multiple devices on behalf of a wide range of web brands. By hooking into the existing network, Netgear has the simpler task of leveraging existing API’s to deliver a full home automation solution, rather than trying to build out a new network and language like Apple’s HomeKit or Google’s Nest initiatives.

As a result, the Netgear STS7000 also has a slight head-start on the other hardware providers- we still await the full release of the interoperability of their OS’s with their home automation solutions (in Apple’s case – HomeKit and in Google’s case “works with nest”). If NetGear can move this device to market quickly, they may just give the big players a run for their money.