Nest to integrate with Android in near future

Nest to integrate with Android in near future

Its all finally coming together for Google and their home automation play, as details start to emerge about an integration between Android and Nest.

Google have started leaking images of their Android wear notifications. Android Wear is the version of Android that will start to pop up on devices beyond the smartphone.

Leaked Images

The most telling of these leaked details is a little image displaying a notification for the currently maligned Nest Smoke Alarm. The most likely way that this is going to play out is that you’ll start to see a full integration of the OS with products around the home for a full home automation suite.

Nest Android Wear

At the very least, you can expect this to extend to the Nest Thermostat. A quick swipe of your watch screen and you can get your home starting to cool off half an hour before you’re set to drive home. At the most, you can set all sorts of triggers to happen while your away from your residence.

The future of Nest

It seems likely that Google hardware will grow to include all sorts of conceivable appliances. Already they’ve covered chromecast for the TV, Nest for smoke alarms and climate control. We will start to see Android become their ubiquitous system for controlling and automating every element of your life. Imagine the ability to receive notifications from, and set all elements of your home and beyond, using just one device or even a couple of devices – giving you access to all your possessions at your fingertips.

Its likely that this will only serve to grow the data that they leverage to target adverts at individuals – resulting in much stronger results for the many brands that already use their suite of advertising products.

Watch this space, its only a matter of time before we use one operating system to control every element of our lives.