Nest Announces New Partnership Integrations at CES 2015
Nest CES 2015

Nest Announces New Partnership Integrations at CES 2015

Nest have not wasted any time in 2015, kicking it off with some big announcements at CES 2015. The darling of Google’s acquisitions, Nest, chose Las Vegas as the place to push forward its “Works With Nest” initiative, bolstering the range of gadgets that are now compatible with the (more than just a) thermostat.

We recently wrote about a raft of companies that had signed up to work with Nest Labs. The list continues to expand thanks to the Nest Developer program which encourages 3rd party smart home companies to integrate with Nest’s technology. Amongst those teased in the run up to CES 2015 and subsequently announced at the event, there were some nifty little smart home integrations:

  • Dropcam – the camera stores footage when the Nest Smoke Alarm goes off, allowing the owner to isolate and tackle the cause.
  • Jawbone – It will tell your thermostat when you’re around and modify the temperature accordingly
  • August Smart Lock – the lock will track who is in the smarthome and adjust the temperature according to their preference
  • LifX LED lightbulbs – giving you the ultimate smarthome, the smartlights will turn on and off while you are away to give the impression that someone is home for security purposes. Equally smart, the Nest Smoke Alarm will trigger flashing lights if it detects CO2 or fire – alerting the whole home to the emergency.
  • Whirlpool Washer & Dryers – Will use Nest to detect whether or not anybody is home and adjust their cycle accordingly.. entering quiet mode if there are people around, and entering refresh mode if there isn’t anybody at home.
  • As always Google’s Nest continues to drive innovation, mostly by allowing 3rd parties to develop on its platform, creating exciting combinations to run the perfect smart home. It’s exciting times in the world of Home Automation, with interest developing to see what Samsung’s Smart Things and Apple’s HomeKit can do next to compete.

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