Knight Rider’s KITT and David Hasselhoff reunite for Samsung Smart Home commercial

Knight Rider’s KITT and David Hasselhoff reunite for Samsung Smart Home commercial

In a move of casting genius, David “The Hoff” Hasselhoff appears in Samsung’s Smart Home commercial reprising his most successful role – himself. After playing himself in over three feature films and several TV episodes, Hasselhoff appears to have finally mastered the role. He is joined in the commercial by his headstrong, if somewhat emotional, co-star of the hit 1980’s Knight Rider television series – KITT.

In an avant garde breach of the fourth wall, Hasselhoff spends more of the commercial talking to a fictional film crew about his fictional problems with Knight Rider’s fictional KITT than detailing the features of the Samsung Smart Home. Despite this, (or perhaps because of it), the commercial succeeds in making you wonder what this “Smart Home” thing actually is.

What is Samsung’s SmartHome?

While the commercial fails to actually define the features of Smart Home, the integrated device is a digital platform that lets users control, program and monitor conncected house-hold appliances via Wifi. Smart Home is the Korean tech giant’s alternative to Google’s Nest, Apple’s HomeKit and Microsoft’s HomeOS. The Smart Home app itself is connected to all compatible Samsung smart appliances as well as many third party applications. The platform will let you turn on your coffee machine remotely, check for leaks and power-out, and use your web-cam to spy on the inside of your house. In true Knight Rider style, there is even a feature that lets you chat to your home devices.

Samsung seem serious about their “Smart Home” brand. In August, it paid a reported $200 million for start-up company, SmartThings, created by Alex Hawkins. Not dissimilar to the Samsung Smart Home, SmartThings is an integrated hub system allowing users to control household devices. The genius of SmartThings is its customisability. For example, the app can even alert you if Rex the Dog tries to make a run for it down the road. But there’s also a sort of high-tech magic in walking into your house after work to find your favorite tunes playing, and a cup of coffee ready to go.

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Oddly enough, Knight Rider’s KITT and Samsung’s Smart Home would probably make a good pair. First seen on screen on September 26, 1982, the Knight Rider series lasted only four years. Viewers couldn’t get enough of the talking car however, and KITT returned for four different sequels, and several makeovers. The 1982 series also launched Hasselhoff’s career, and led to his later illustrious roles in Three Crazy Jerks II, Baywatch the Movie, and the SpongeBob SquarePants Movie (as himself). Now KITT’s artificial intelligence is less far off, Samsung’s Smart Home commercial seems an appropriate place for the pair to reunite.