ivee Sleek is the first Wi-Fi Voice-Activated Assistant for the home

ivee Sleek is the first Wi-Fi Voice-Activated Assistant for the home

Home automation just became a whole lot simpler with ivee Sleek, an intuitive voice command system that can manage and control all your home devices as well as answer questions and obey commands.

ivee Sleek – Voice Controlled Home Automation

“ivee is the first wi-fi, voice-activated intelligent assistant for the home,” says the CEO and Founder, Jonathon Nostrant. “For the past four years we’ve been making voice-activated alarm clocks and what we’ve learned is that people love the simplicity of talking to their clocks.”

Working similar to Google Now’s voice commands and Homely, ivee Sleek’s system allows you to control all your connected devices throughout your home with the simple voice command – “Hello ivee”. This initiates the device to listen and respond to questions and commands such as, “what will the weather be like in Sydney tomorrow?” and “Can you lower the temperature”.

Source: kickstarter.com

ivee Sleek uses AT&T’s Watson voice recognition technology to also perform simple tasks such as playing your favourite radio station or turning the lights down in the living room. Indeed, the initial presentation of the ivee Sleek at the 2013 E3 conference appeared to deliver fairly consistent results in both response time and recognition accuracy. Nostrant told engadget.com, who experienced the ivee Sleek first hand, that the home automation device works best with direct voice commands, yet can also decipher commands such as “I’m hot” and will consequentially turn on the air conditioning.

With all that said, the device has a lot of people excited about its potential to be a major player in the “internet of things” market. To demonstrate the hype around the ivee Sleek, their kickstarter campaign managed to raise over USD $159,000, despite only chasing a target of USD $40,000. Indeed, the device could potentially interact with all Wi-Fi capable devices within your home, including locks, lights and dimmer switches, plugs, vacuum cleaners and security cameras. Moreover, the device promises to remove the need to sync your home’s appliances with a smart phone thus delivering a quicker and more fluid interaction with the home.

ivee sleek
source: helloivee.com

Currently the ivee Sleek is only available from the ivee website for USD $199.99. They’re not shipping to Australia yet but we’re hoping demand will get it this way in the next few months. Find out more on www.helloivee.com or follow them on Facebook.

  • Built in rechargeable battery
  • Dual beam forming microphones
  • Temperature sensor
  • Light sensor
  • Embedded Linux
  • ARM9 400 Mhz Processor
  • 128MB Memory
  • 256MB Flash Storage
  • TFT LCD 4.3” display
  • 802.11 Wi-Fi b/g (WPA/WPA2-PSK Support)
In addition to the unit, out of the box, Ivee comes with a USB AC adapter, a quick start guide and manual. You can use either a tablet or computer to access the dashboard and set up reminders, alarms and to connect your available devices.