Honeywell Lyric to compete with Nest

Honeywell Lyric to compete with Nest

Honeywell has launched the Honeywell Lyric, a thermostat that will manage your home temperature based on its built-in intelligence. They’ve put in some smarts and algorithms that should set them aside from the Nest.

Honeywell Lyric vs Nest Thermostat

Certainly the two look similar and are both designed to act as smart thermostats, but there is a distinct difference in how they operate.

Google Nest

Honeywell Lyric

Nest thermostat adjusts temperature based on your habits, it learns your preferences based on any adjustments you make to your heating and air-conditioning. This doesn’t really help to address times when you may simply wish to feel cooler than usual (say after the gym) or warmer (if you’re sick), any manual adjustments at these times can give the Nest Thermostat false information. The Nest does become less sensitive to false positives over time, but the problem still stands.

On the other hand, Honeywell Lyric uses your ‘presence’ to work out how best to set the temperature. By connecting to your smartphone it knows if you’re home, or if you’re heading back to your smart home and will adjust the temperature to your preference accordingly.

How does Honeywell Lyric work?

As well as taking the above into consideration, the Lyric also accounts for conditions such as indoor & outdoor temperatures, humidity and general weather conditions. The thinking is that, these days, most people don’t have set living patterns, so the intelligent thermostat should adjust accordingly. For manual adjustments, the Lyric can be controlled by smartphone, or on the dial itself – not to mention using proximity sensors to understand when you wake up, go to sleep or enter a room.

Honeywell Lyric Availability

At $279 the unit comes in a bit steeper than the Nest, but with connectivity across Android and Apple’s new Home Kit, it may be a worthwhile investment if you’re keen to avoid getting tied into one Operating System for all of your Smart Home.

Price: - US

Price: - US