Home Automation for iOS 8 and WWDC 2014

Home Automation for iOS 8 and WWDC 2014

It’s being widely speculated that Apple will lead its 2014 WWDC with an announcement about new Home Automation features.

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Home Automation on iPhone

The announcement is still under wraps but what little we do know about the WWDC announcement, leaves more questions than answers.

  • Will iOS 8 control 3rd party hardware as it does currently with Philips Hue?
  • Does that mean that Apple will delve further into the hardware market?
  • Will iOS 8 control just Apple products as it does currently with its apple airplay suite?
  • How much iOS 8 access will developers be permitted?

Apple vs Google Nest

What this means, is that once again, Apple and Google are pitted firmly against eachother in a battle for another vertical. They’ve done maps, they’ve done OS and lord knows they’ve done phones. As Android and Google Nest start to become further intertwined, it seems that Apple want a piece of the pie. After battling out for so long in the mobile handset market, home automation is the next obvious frontier. But who has the advantage?

The Smart Home battle

Given Android’s significant market share advantage, it would seem that by turning Android towards the home automation market, Android has more of a ready made audience than iOS. Add to that the fact that Android can be installed on any piece of hardware and it seems that they Google may have the upper hand.

The alternative view however, involves the question over quality control. Apple limits the devices that iOS is available on (only those manufactured by Apple). Apple also has to approve every 3rd party app that is created for its devices. Given that the devices in question will likely relate to the home, you may start to see a movement towards a brand that takes a little more care over what it releases to the market. Some might (rightly) fear the possible outcomes if unregulated applications are permitted control over one’s security, climate control and multiple other devices around the house.