Dropcam To Replace All Old Models For Free

Dropcam To Replace All Old Models For Free

Since Dropcam joined Google’s Nest ecosystem, it’s not just their profile that has seen a significant increase. Their Research & Development budget has also grown as they continue to ship new hardware products and software updates.

They just published a post on their blog confirming that they will “no longer be able to give Original Dropcam and Dropcam Echo owners an experience that meets [our] standards”

How Do I Get a New Dropcam?

The upside of this though, is that all owners of these models will get a free Dropcam HD Camera as a replacement – no questions asked.. you can’t say fairer than that!

For reference, the cameras that they’re replacing are like this:

source: techcrunch

Baring in mind, that the current model sells at nearly $190US, this represents quite an option for any owners. If only it was that easy to upgrade all your technology as it becomes redundant.

If you have one of these products, you should go here for more details on how to trade it in.

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