Bosch Announce ‘Home Connect’ Linking Connected Home Appliances To A Single Platform

Bosch Announce ‘Home Connect’ Linking Connected Home Appliances To A Single Platform

At this year’s annual IFA consumer-electronics trade show in Berlin, Bosch announced its future smart-home plans. BSH, the manufacturer behind not just Bosch but also Siemens, made the company’s plans official at the IFA 2014. Home chefs and foodies will likely be thrilled to hear that, by the end of this year, WiFi connected Bosch appliances will be available.

The new smart-home products will be part of BSH’s “Home Connect” series, and will include dishwashers and ovens – likely in direct competition with the Belkin WeMo Slow Cooker . The scheme will incorporate an app that is due for release for iOS devices in November. Android users will need to wait until the second quarter of next year. The service will launch first in Germany and Austria, and expand from there.

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Bosch Home Connect Integrated brands

Home Connect brings connectivity to the appliances in your home to smartphones and tablets, but perhaps more importantly it will be an open standard. This means that Home Connect will be compatible with multiple different brands, and it will be run as a separate company. Most households have a variety of different appliance brands, meaning that an app that only worked with one would not be user friendly. The Home Connect app will instead give customers one simple system to use to control everything at once.

In addition, the new technology will also be able to provide specific help for a range of non-connected models. Apart from typical remote controls and the service assistance, purchasers will have access to a database of recipes and video tutorials. This will mean that young adults, for example, that are leaving home for the first time, will have cook books and tutorials right on their appliances.

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Devices will be able to connect to the system via a buyer’s Wi-Fi router. When users are not at home, the app will be able to communicate to their kitchen gadgets through the Internet. Customers won’t need any other controllers to operate the technology, if both their appliances, and their mobile phone or tablet, connect to the same network.

Bosch has also recently announced a buy-out. It will be buying out its partner, Siemens, from the joint-venture home appliance business, BSH. The deal is worth over $4 billion and will help Bosch cement its focus on developing intelligent technologies.

Bosch Home Connect Specs

The upcoming Home Connect app will be free for consumers. The technology is not yet released, so keep an eye on the company’s website,, over the coming months.

  • Home Connect will be the world’s first system that allows residents to control more than one appliance brand with a single app.
  • The technology will be open platform, and will be updated and expanded over time to cover an increasing number of services.
  • BSH will release the first home appliances with the new functionality later this year. The associated Home Connect app will become available at the same time.