Australian “Internet of Things” Startups Present their Ideas at Vivid

Australian “Internet of Things” Startups Present their Ideas at Vivid

On 4/06/14 Optus Innov8 presented Internet of Things – Electric Dreams to Digital Reality at the Vivid Festival in Sydney – check out the hashtag #iotdreams to see what went down.

image courtesy of Mark pesce

A number of Internet of Things companies presented their products & ideas, wrapping up the day with pitches from startups looking for their next round of investement. All the startups showed great promise with Wattcost eventually taking out the prize.



There are plenty of apps out there to integrate with your appliances but Wattcost goes straight to the source – your electricity supply.

Easy to attach to your meter in Australia (fits old and new models), Wattcost has the intelligence and the algorythms to tell you exactly when and how you should be running your appliances, making recommendations for better habits and even shifting suppliers based on usage.

Why we like it: A great little app that works for your pocket and for the planet – a worthy winner


Bodywise is a fitness app that plugs into your fitness tracker to give it an extra health kick.

The aim of Bodywise is to take all that data and return something meaningful. While most fitness apps give you stats on how your day has gone, not many give you meaningful advice off the back of that.

With a dedicated, qualified personal trainer, Bodywise gives real utility to the trackers that often lack that crucial element of feedback.

Why we like it: Now we know what to do with our fitness data


GoFarCar is a little piece of technology that plugs into your car to tell you how economically you’re driving it.

Much like Wattcost it goes straight to the source and monitors usage to make recommendations on how to improve your habits.

It borrows the dashboard layout from Formula 1 cars and has a full app for when your stopped and can look at your smartphone. Gamification features encourage you to compete against friends and family to be a responsible driver.

Why we like it: Save money at the pump, save the world at the same time

Cartesian Co – Argentum Printer

Certainly the most engaging presentation, Ariel Briner captivated the room in likening the Argentum Printer to the invention of the steam engine.

Whilst not strictly a consumer product, the Argentum Printer could be the product most central to the Internet of Things revolution.

The team at Cartesian Co have invented an affordable and lightweight device, similar to a 3d printer, that allows any inventor to prototype circuit boards at the touch of the button.

Previously the realms of massive factories, this one piece of kit, will give flexibility and agility to small electronics inventors everywhere.

Why we like it:Improving access to circuit boards means more Internet of Things devices in the marketplace

Wearable Experiments

Wearable Experiments may just be the first company to really nail wearable technology. They can insert electronics into clothes that give haptic feedback (a sense of touch) to the wearer.

They have already successfully launched Fundawear, allowing long distance couples to “stimulate” eachother remotely. They are moving into Alert Shirts that allow fans to feel the same impact as their sports icons while watching the game.

Below is a video for Navigate.. a device that navigates you through a course on a map using just touch. We definitely recommend watching it.

Why we like it: Whilst there are a lot of useful applications out there, this one is also straight up fun