Android and the Smart Home to feature heavily at Google I/O

Android and the Smart Home to feature heavily at Google I/O

Android and Internet of Things

After apple announced home kit at WWDC 14, it’s now Google’s turn to spruke their wares at Google I/O 2014. Of course it’s Android that’s going to take centre stage. As Domobot speculated last month, Google will look to leverage Android and Nest as a ubiquitous platform to control multiple devices.


Android and the Smart Home

Expect to see a number of announcements including a development of Google TV to reach beyond apps and focus more on content. This would represent a move away from the “satellite” device which carries all the controls and move the power back over to the over-arching Android platform to control the Smart Home by a mobile phone or watch. Which leads nicely onto..

Android Wear

Android wear is the version of Google’s OS that is designed to be configurable for watches and other wearable devices. Its expected that there will be plenty of talk surrounding Android Wear at this years I/O. One focus will likely be on the software capabilities and the little (and perhaps large) features that distinguish it from the mobile Android that we all know and love. The other focus will be on the form itself – how have the manufacturers leveraged the technology to create interesting form and design?


Android CarPlay

Earlier this year, Android announced CarPlay. CarPlay is Googles move into the automotive world and is thought to include in car entertainment, connectivity, maps and of course a connection into your smarthome world, allowing you to set up your house to be just the way you like it before you arrive back to your smart home.

Nest and Dropcam

With the recent acquisition of Dropcam by the Google Nest division, we can also expect to hear about Google’s plans to integrate Dropcam and multiple other “satellite” devices into the android system, including how Google expects Android to talk to all of them to create the perfect Smart Home. Will they have a similar platform to Home Kit for developers to interface with? Will they offer a product like Apple’s “scenes” which allows a user to set multiple devices to interact with eachother? We look forward to finding out…