Google Glass Relaunches as Enterprise Hardware

Google Glass Relaunches as Enterprise Hardware

The Google Glass project has been revived and is back as a tool for businesses. The hardware itself has been re-imagined, not as a standalone pair of glasses any more, but instead as an attachment that bolts on to your existing pair of specs. We’re excited to see how this transpires – if its executed correctly it will give the fashion conscious a much wider choice and flexibility around their accessories.

Google Glass Enterprise Edition

In the midst of accusations of creepiness and a general lack of use cases, Google Glass went on a hiatus in the middle of last year. Google has recently made the seemingly wiser decision to focus their efforts away from consumers and more towards the enterprise sector. It makes a lot more sense to develop tools that can be leveraged in workplaces, schools and hospitals where the specs can add maximum value in terms of economic and social contribution. Currently the new Google Glass is being distributed to trusted developers with a view to moving the hardware out to larger institutions towards the end of the year. Don’t be surprised however, if this moves back to early 2016.

Nest and Google Glass

Credit for this pivot must go in part to the senior management of Google who made the choice to move the product over to their Nest automation devision, who control a number of products that we have written about here on Domobot. By putting this product in the hands of a development team with a proven track record of creating successful IOT devices, Google have shown that they are ready to take their Glasses product seriously again. As Nest starts to take center stage in the Automation universe, it seems clear that Glasses will become yet another product that google connects to its suite of devices.