Flinders University partners with Cisco on ‘Internet of Everything’ vision

Flinders University partners with Cisco on ‘Internet of Everything’ vision

In early July, technology giant, Cisco, announced that South Australia’s Flinders University would become a key partner in developing the company’s ‘Internet of Everything (IOE)’ strategy for their digital health and cyber security sectors.

The partnership, which has seen Flinders University invest $14 million into creating a wifi network for their Bedford Park campus, highlights the growing interest around the ‘Internet of Things’ concept as well as the emphasis industry leaders are attributing to the incorporation of new technology in their existing products.

For the uninitiated, the ‘Internet of Things’ is the theory that as technology becomes more efficient, smaller and cheaper to produce, we will start to see ‘smart technology’ incorporated into products not usually connected with technology. These include home automation, household appliances, security systems and developments in the medical industry.

“We believe that the partnership initiatives announced today will provide a sustained innovation platform leading to significant benefits,” said Cisco vice president of Australia and New Zealand, Ken Boal.

“These include job creation and increased support for disciplines that will be impacted by the Internet of Everything and be extremely important to meeting the future challenges of social and economic issues, such as cyber security, for Flinders University, as well as for the wider South Australian community.”

According to the new partnership, Cisco staff will teach and train Flinders University students in new and emerging technologies as well as the latest developments in the digital space. This training will be incorporated into the student’s degrees.

“The initiatives set out in the agreement will enable us to explore how to create new valuable connections between people, process, data and things that have the potential to lead to job creation and enable South Australia to thrive in the Internet of Everything,” said Boal.
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While the partnership is an important step towards Australia leading the Internet of Things revolution, it is but one handshake of many in the growing Internet of Things space. An agreement signed earlier this year between the University of South Australia and tech giant, Hewlett-Packard (HP) is expected to create more than 400 jobs in South Australia and develop new innovative technologies for HP’s current suite of products.