Google Glass Relaunches as Enterprise Hardware

Google Glass Frames

The Google Glass project has been revived and is back as a tool for businesses. The hardware itself has been re-imagined, not as a standalone pair of glasses any more, but instead as an attachment that bolts on to your existing pair of specs. We’re excited to see how this transpires – if its executed correctly it will give the ... Read More »

Nest Announces New Partnership Integrations at CES 2015

Nest CES 2015

Nest have not wasted any time in 2015, kicking it off with some big announcements at CES 2015. The darling of Google’s acquisitions, Nest, chose Las Vegas as the place to push forward its “Works With Nest” initiative, bolstering the range of gadgets that are now compatible with the (more than just a) thermostat. We recently wrote about a raft ... Read More »

More IoT companies sign on to work with Nest Labs

Google Nest

Google constantly stays at the forefront of technology, and it seems their home automation project, Nest, is no different. The company has just announced that it will be integrating its technology with a raft of new partners. Nest Labs launched its “Works with Nest” developer program around five months ago. At the time, partnerships with big names such as Mercedes ... Read More »

Lifx – Smart Lights for the Smart Home

lifx bulbs

Lifx smart lights are light bulbs that you can connect to your smart home. They’re multi-colored and wi-fi enabled, so that they can be controlled by your smart phone. Think of them as a direct competitor with Philips Hue and Belkin WeMo lights. The Lifx are essentially “plug & play”. You can just screw them into your lamp or light ... Read More »

Who are the big players in the Smart Home space?


Once a novel concept, home automation has quickly grown into an industry that is to be taken very seriously. Recent reports from Transparency Market Research estimate that by 2019, the home automation market will be worth $16.4 billion, up nearly $13 billion from when it was valued in 2012. If the dollar figures aren’t enough to impress you, consider the ... Read More »

Flinders University partners with Cisco on ‘Internet of Everything’ vision

ken boal - michael barber

In early July, technology giant, Cisco, announced that South Australia’s Flinders University would become a key partner in developing the company’s ‘Internet of Everything (IOE)’ strategy for their digital health and cyber security sectors. The partnership, which has seen Flinders University invest $14 million into creating a wifi network for their Bedford Park campus, highlights the growing interest around the ... Read More »

Nest Announces It Is Open To Third-Party Development

Google Nest hand

When Google Inc. purchased one of the world’s most progressive home-automation companies, Nest, for a hefty $3.2 billion in January this year, we had high hopes that the Internet of Things revolution had just hit the big time. Indeed, we have not been disappointed with some recent news coming from the Nest camp. Late last month, Nest announced that it ... Read More »

Smartphone App Stops Criminal In His Tracks

dropcam-review-stops criminals

A man from New Jersey foiled a home invasion and robbery thanks to a setup of surveillance cameras and a free app on his smartphone. 29-year-old, Nisarg Swaminarayan, was eating dinner at a nearby restaurant, when the app, known as “Dropcam”, notified him that his house was being burgled. He used his iPhone to check the Dropcam security system cameras ... Read More »

Works With Nest to lead the Home Automation charge for Google

works with nest logo 2

Nest and Home Automation As speculated by Domobot a few weeks ago in our article about Nest, Android and the Smart Home, Google is taking a firm step into the Home Automation world by leveraging their Nest product as a proverbial “Trojan Horse”. Google has launched its “Works with Nest” initiative as a means of connecting multiple other devices in ... Read More »

Android and the Smart Home to feature heavily at Google I/O


Android and Internet of Things After apple announced home kit at WWDC 14, it’s now Google’s turn to spruke their wares at Google I/O 2014. Of course it’s Android that’s going to take centre stage. As Domobot speculated last month, Google will look to leverage Android and Nest as a ubiquitous platform to control multiple devices. Android and the Smart ... Read More »