Apple’s HomeKit expected to showcase at CES next month


Although Apple’s execs have promised to bring the Internet of Things and home automation to the iOS system through the company’s HomeKit smart home platform, no launches occurred in 2014. The company announced their take on the home automation concept at the same time that iOS8 was unveiled, back in June. Many tech experts expected the Apple HomeKit to be ... Read More »

Apple’s HomeKit and compatible third party products


The long awaited Apple HomeKit failed to make an impression at this year’s WWDC. In fact, the smart home device, which was largely overshadowed by Apple’s iPhone 6 products and Apple Watch, was only showcased for a few moments at Apple’s annual conference. That said, Apple have not let HomeKit fall by the wayside and it is still one of ... Read More »

Who are the big players in the Smart Home space?


Once a novel concept, home automation has quickly grown into an industry that is to be taken very seriously. Recent reports from Transparency Market Research estimate that by 2019, the home automation market will be worth $16.4 billion, up nearly $13 billion from when it was valued in 2012. If the dollar figures aren’t enough to impress you, consider the ... Read More »

Home Kit by Apple – WWDC 14 – Internet of Things closer

WWDC2014-577 Homekit slide

Home Kit Today apple announced Home Kit, a common network framework that will control various home automation features. Domobot already speculated how ios8 and the smart home would come together. What is Home Kit? Put simply, Apple will make it far easier for app developers to build applications that will speak to elements of the home and for a user ... Read More »

Home Automation for iOS 8 and WWDC 2014

apple ios 8

It’s being widely speculated that Apple will lead its 2014 WWDC with an announcement about new Home Automation features. Home Automation on iPhone The announcement is still under wraps but what little we do know about the WWDC announcement, leaves more questions than answers. Will iOS 8 control 3rd party hardware as it does currently with Philips Hue? Does that ... Read More »