Nymi – Wearable Authentication Technology

Nymi – Wearable Authentication Technology

Bionym, the company that specialises in biometric authentication, is preparing to release Nymi – the first “wearable authentication technology”.

How does Nymi work?

According to Bionynm, every heartbeat is unique, and devices within your network can be programmed to only respond to your heartbeat. This is where Nymi comes in. It promises to remove the requirement for pins, passwords & keys by using your heartbeat to authenticate who you are.

Nymi sits on your wrist like a lot of the other wearables. You touch your finger onto it to complete and electrical circuit.. and it stays powered and authenticated until you take it off.

nymi close loop

Essentially, as long as you wear the wristband after that, devices that are subject to Nymi’s authentication, will then work. Bionym refers to these devices as Authorised Authentication Devices (AAD). There is currently an SDK (meaning anybody can build an AAD) but its not yet clear who is on board. Check it out in action:

What are Nymi’s features?

As well as the primary benefit of increased security, Nymi has a number of neat built-in functions that would trigger devices in the network,

  • Heart ID – for a unique identifier, only you can control your devices remotely
  • Connectivity – blue tooth to connect with devices and receive information such as e-mails or texts
  • Motion Sensing – control your devices using gestures that are recognised by Nymi
  • Proximity Detection – trigger environment changes such as lights or music when you enter an area
  • Given its extensive feature-set, Nymi could usurp other wearables if it can deliver on all of the above.

    Thoughts on Nymi

    If the technology proves to be robust and as promised, it could be a great and important device in you day-to-day technology setup. Whats not clear is what happens in the case of a misplaced / broken device or what happens as your heart-beat changes either through age or just on a daily basis. The idea is fantastic and its going to be exciting to see what comes of this product as the technology progresses. If you’re keen to get one early, you can pre-order one now.