The August Smart Lock says goodbye to clunky keys

The August Smart Lock says goodbye to clunky keys

The Internet of Things is dramatically changing the way devices are used within the home. With smartphones today having the capability to control everything from the smart thermostats to the lighting in your home, it makes you wonder what’s next in store to receive the ‘smart’ upgrade.

August Smart Lock


It looks like start-up company, August, has the answer with their new keyless ‘Smart Lock’. According to the company, the days of carrying around your cumbersome keys are numbered.

Using a simple app that operates via Bluetooth on both Apple and Android mobile phones, the August Smart Lock is an easy and keyless way for you or your ‘invited’ guests to access your home. For access to visitors such as repair men, cleaners or family, you can give them temporary access to the home between certain hours and the lock monitors what time they arrive and what time they leave.

According to the design team at August Smart Lock, “The smart lock can sense your approach and unlock your door without you ever having to reach for your smart phone.”

That said, the device does allow you to use your original keys on the outside if your phone is out of battery or you have children who are too young for a mobile phone.

The August Smart Lock also has ‘knock sensing’ technology that announces the arrival of guests at your front door on your smartphone.

August Smart Lock App


August Smart Lock Specs

Only available for installation into your smart home in the United States at the moment, the August Smart Lock starts from $199USD and is available in a variety of colours including red, gold, silver and black. Unlike its keyless-entry competitors, Schlage or Goji, the August Smart Lock contains no monthly fees, or hourly installation rates.

According to current fire safety standards in Australia, all fitted locks must pass the mustard when attached to fire doors. Indeed, the law requires that all exit doors must be opened from the inside without a key. Although the August Smart Lock has yet to be given the green light by the Building Code of Australia, it does adhere to these regulations and should be available for purchase in the near future.


  • Everlock technology which automatically locks the door behind you
  • 3.25 inch diameter anodized aluminium frame that is compatible with most current locks.
  • Ten minute installation requiring only a screw driver
  • Battery powered lock not relying on wireless or phone networks to operate