Home Security

Canary is the future of smart home security

canary home security

If you want to keep your home safe and secure without having to install an expensive home security system, check out Canary. Canary’s is a smart home security device that does away with wires and mounted sensors, instead it uses the Internet of Things, and is a connected device controlled through the owner’s mobile phone or tablet. How Canary works ... Read More »

Control Your Home with the SwannOne Home Automation Hub

swann one

If you’d like a smart home security solution that is easy to set up and simple to use, check out the new SwannOne home automation hub. With SwannOne, buyers will be able to control all aspects of their home security or company security from a single smartphone app. The smart home industry has been going ahead in leaps and bounds, ... Read More »

Prevent water leaks in your home with Wally smart sensors

Wally Sensor

A leaking pipe in your home can not only cause significant damage to property and its structure, they can also cost you thousands of dollars in repairs – especially if the leak remains undetected for weeks or months. To illustrate this point, imagine that a build-up of water causes a bathroom pipe to split while you are out of the ... Read More »

The August Smart Lock says goodbye to clunky keys

august smart lock on door

The Internet of Things is dramatically changing the way devices are used within the home. With smartphones today having the capability to control everything from the smart thermostats to the lighting in your home, it makes you wonder what’s next in store to receive the ‘smart’ upgrade. Image: coolhunting.com It looks like start-up company, August, has the answer with their ... Read More »

Nymi – Wearable Authentication Technology

Nymi heartbeat monitor

Bionym, the company that specialises in biometric authentication, is preparing to release Nymi – the first “wearable authentication technology”. How does Nymi work? According to Bionynm, every heartbeat is unique, and devices within your network can be programmed to only respond to your heartbeat. This is where Nymi comes in. It promises to remove the requirement for pins, passwords & ... Read More »

Smartphone App Stops Criminal In His Tracks

dropcam-review-stops criminals

A man from New Jersey foiled a home invasion and robbery thanks to a setup of surveillance cameras and a free app on his smartphone. 29-year-old, Nisarg Swaminarayan, was eating dinner at a nearby restaurant, when the app, known as “Dropcam”, notified him that his house was being burgled. He used his iPhone to check the Dropcam security system cameras ... Read More »

Netgear STS7000 – Netgear Releases Home Security Tablet

Netgear sts7000 tablet home automation control

Netgear STS7000 and Home Automation Netgear has taken its first major step into the home automation market with the release of the Netgear STS700. Netgear Home Security Tablet Netgear has teamed up with icontrol networks for the tablet which will act as a touchscreen device to control anything that is plugged into the iControl network in your house. The Android ... Read More »