Winbot 7- Robotic Window Cleaner

Winbot 7- Robotic Window Cleaner

You can now tick one more thing off the list of chores that you have to do – clean the windows.

Winbot 7 attaches to any glass surface (including mirrors) – it doesn’t even matter if the surface is vertical.

We have to admit, it looks pretty wacky but don’t dismiss it until you’ve watched the video.

Window Cleaning Robot

Ecovac, the makers of the Winbot 7, claim that all you need to do is attach it to the surface, push the on button and walk away.

The robot will get to work on your glass surfaces – its that simple apparently. By using multiple sensors, the Winbot 7 can adapt to any type of window, regardless of size of frame or thickness of glass.

How does the Winbot work?

The Winbot works in 3 steps:

  1. A front micro-pad is sprayed with cleaning solution. It then moistens, loosens and absorbs dirt.
  2. A squeegee collects any residue or dampness that is left over.
  3. A second, rear micro-pad, wipes the glass to leave it spotless.

Is the Winbot any good?

Frankly, we’re not sure – Ecovac’s Winbot 7 has all the makings of a decent device:

  • It does a job that nobody likes
  • It has built in safety so it should never lose grip of a surface
  • It’s supposedly very low maintenance
  • It has smart sensors to plan an efficient cleaning routine
  • That being said, in spite of all of the above, we’re not 100% convinced. At Domobot we like to focus on form and feature, compatibility and ease of use.

    The Winbot 7 frankly feels a bit clumsy and a bit dated. With no obvious integration into home automation networks and a price point of $399 USD, its hard to imagine much in the way of mass-market appeal.

    We can however, see the appeal if you live in an unusual shaped house or one with particularly awkwardly positioned windows that would otherwise be hard to reach.