Smart Bulb ‘Drift Light’ Simulates Sunsets to Help You Sleep Better

Smart Bulb ‘Drift Light’ Simulates Sunsets to Help You Sleep Better

Do you find yourself struck with insomnia or an inability to have a good night sleep on a regular basis? If so, you might like to try the new Drift Light from Saffron. This recently-released smart light bulb mimics the setting sun. It allows users to start sleeping like our ancestors did, when lives revolved around the natural life cycle of the sun, rather than electric lighting.

The 40W-equivalent LED Drift Light begins to dim the light in your room at bedtime to mimic the setting sun. It does this by using its built-in microprocessor, with no extra hardware required. There is no need to download any app or purchase any software to use the technology. Instead, the light bulb simply gets screwed into an existing light fixture, whether it’s a bedside lamp or a ceiling fitting. Users simply turn the Drift Light bulb on once, and from there it will act like a regular light until it comes time for bed and different setting.

To help you get ready for a good sleep, the bulb gradually changes and fades colours over a 37-minute “sunset” timeframe as a way of matching the lights that naturally occur at sunset. By the end of the period your bedroom will be dark (called the “midnight” mode), unless you decide to opt for the system’s “moonlight” setting instead. During this mode, the light in the bulb fades down to a gentle glow, like a nightlight, rather than leaving the bedroom totally dark.

Drift Smart Light

Makers of the Drift Light system, Saffron, say that the new smart bulb has been created to help promote relaxation in users and to increase melatonin to encourage better-quality sleep as well as a more natural way of falling asleep. The technology is perfect for both children and adults alike, and is intuitive to use. In order to initiate the sunset setting when they’re ready for bed, users simply need to flick their regular light switch twice, by turning it on, then off, then back on again. Once this has been done the bulb will blink to confirm it is in “midnight” mode.

Energy Efficient

If users prefer the “moonlight” option (particularly helpful as a nightlight for kids), they simply need to flip the switch one extra time. Residents don’t need to be concerned with the energy-efficiency of the product, as those who use the “moonlight” mode would only spend an additional USD $0.18 per year if the light was used for 12 hours each day. In addition, Saffron, the makers of the bulb, has said that the Drift Light will have an average lifespan of 30,000 hours, making the technology last around 30 times longer than incandescent bulbs.

For those who like colour variety, Saffron is planning to introduce a range of Drift Light LED bulbs that feature different colour temperatures, to affect user’s energy in different ways – similar to Philips Hue. For example, while the current technology helps to calm people down and get them ready for sleep, the company is working on new bulbs that could actually be used instead to help users wake up and feel more energized. Those who have trouble getting up in the morning, or who suffer from a mid-afternoon slump, will surely be excited by this new development.

The Drift Light can so far only be purchased online in the United States from the Saffron website, or outside of the U.S. from Light bulbs cost from around USD $29 each, with the price per unit reduced when bulbs are purchased in packs of four or ten.

Drift Light Specs

  • The Drift Light bulbs can be used in any kind of fixture, including ceiling lights, bedside lamps, floor lamps and even porch lighting.
  • The system uses a lot less blue light than other lighting (especially those found in mobile phones and tablets). This is due to the fact that blue light has been shown to suppress the sleep hormone, melatonin, which then makes it harder to fall asleep.
  • The Drift Light replaces standard 40W incandescent bulbs and uses only 7W, making the product more energy efficient than other types of light bulbs. The high-efficiency LEDs in the Drift system give off 530 lumens.
  • The diffusing caps on the Drift light bulbs are made from plastic instead of glass. This makes them much less likely to break if dropped or bumped.
  • The Drift Light features an aluminium “heat sink”, allowing the bulb to run cooler than incandescent or CFL products.