Revolv Smart Home Hub

Revolv Smart Home Hub

Revolv is another player in the smart home hub market that you may wish to consider. Revolv claims to be the most powerful home automation hub on earth, boasting “7 radios”. Why do you need 7 radios? Essentially so that you can connect the revolv hub to the various protocols that are in the market on different “frequencies”.

Setup is fairly easy, you scan a qr code from the hub into your app to create a connection between the two and then you’re off and running. You can then scan your house for devices or switch them on and off to trigger discovery. Some of the main devices supported by revolv include:

  • Nest
  • Sonos
  • Philips Hue
  • Belkin Wemo
  • Yale Door Locks
  • In total there are over 60 supported devices, so most of your home automation should be covered.

    Once the hub has connected to your various devices, you can control them from the one app on your phone. Unfortunately, according to cnet, that app seems to be fairly limited in the kinds of control it can offer you over the devices:

    Furthermore, the app seems to lack basic conditional settings. This sets it behind competitors such as the Ninja Sphere which has the software to creat basic logical settings such as “if its night-time, turn the lights on” or “if i leave a room, turn off the music”.

    At a price point of $299, you’d be within your rights to expect more from the Revolv Smart Home hub, the Ninja Sphere definitely looks sleeker and has gesture control where Revolv doesn’t. Personally I feel as though the selling point of 7 radios will become redundant sooner rather than later, as competitors catch up and as universal standards become adopted by the major hardware manufacturers. Ironically, while it touts its compatibility with so many standards, its only available for iOS, meaning that anyone with an Android phone should steer clear.