Ninja Sphere – The Smart Home Hub

Ninja Sphere – The Smart Home Hub

For those who have been waiting for an all-in-one smart home hub, Ninja Blocks has at last started shipping Ninja Sphere, a smart home hub that connects appliances around the house into one central “brain”. Using an app that works on ios or on android, you can set rules for one device to interact with another based on inputs from any of your connected devices.

Can’t think of what you might use it for? How about unlocking a door using a smart lock when your pet (equipped with a smart tag) needs to be let out. If you’re keen on saving energy perhaps you want turn the lights on and off according to the room that you’re in – the Ninja Sphere has it all figured out.

The Ninja Sphere as a product seems to do what Work with Nest and Homekit claim they will do, but is already real and available for pre-order to the australian market as of writing.

There is no confirmed local date for Google’s Nest offering or Apple’s homekit, so if you’re looking to jump into the smart home market, now may be the perfect time to dabble in Ninja. It’s fairly open and plugs into a range of devices meaning that you’re not locked in to any one technology brand.

According to their website, the Ninja Sphere currently works with the following bits of technology:

  • Lights: LiFX, Philips Hue, LimitlessLED, MiLight, EasyBulb
  • Power: Current Cost EnviR Power Meter, ZigBee Smart Sockets, Z-Wave Energy Monitors (via addon dongle), Plugaway, Belkin WeMo,Fritz!Dect 200, Fritz!Powerline 546E devices.
  • Cameras: IP cameras, USB cameras, and Dropcam.
  • Media: Google Chromecast , Squeezebox/Logitech Media Server, Sonos, XBMC.
  • Motion: ZigBee motion sensors.
  • Smart watches: Pebble
  • Voice: Ubi.
  • Environmental: Nest
  • Tags: Any tag supporting the standard BLE proximity profile.
  • Add to the above some pretty cool gesture controls, smart notifications and monitoring features – you’ve got a pretty sexy looking and powerful smart home hub powering your home automation.