Leeo: Smart Home Startup launched by the creators of Beats and Guitar Hero

Leeo: Smart Home Startup launched by the creators of Beats and Guitar Hero

It’s raised over $37 million from investors and has a development team overflowing with pedigree, from the founder of the Guitar Hero franchise to the designer of Dr Dre’s Beats. However, the newest company in the smart home space: Leeo, is keeping its ideas close to its chest.

Founded by former investment banker, Eddy Chan, and Adam Gettings – a former lead designer for a police robot company, Leeo is a home product that has been rumoured to compliment existing ‘smart home’ devices by adding “smart features in a less disruptive way.”

A non-specific answer? You betcha! Gettings revealed little more about Leeo’s products when he told Aaron Tilley at Forbes that the company was “…here to help facilitate the transition to the smart home.”

Despite the lack of publicly available information about Leeo’s products, the company has had no trouble in attracting a number of successful developers and creative minds under its roof, including Robert Brunner – best known as the lead designer for Beats; and Charles Huang, founder of Guitar Hero, who has assumed the company’s COO role.

In a recent interview with Forbes Magazine, Huang spoke about why Leeo is different. “[With other products on the market] you have to rip things out of your house. You have to install new things. We found that there’s already large incumbents who have been in this business for a hundred years. They already have products installed in people’s homes. What we’re trying to do is create some new technologies that make it easier for somebody’s home to become a smart home without having to rip apart half of your house and replace it with new equipment.”

Using existing infrastructure could set Leeo apart from other home automation developers, such as Nest or Apple’s HomeKit. Leeo believes in working with both the consumer and the telecommunications and utilities companies to help roll out a complete smart home product. An example could be ‘smart’ methods to merge a home’s energy, phone and internet in a neat, easy to manage package.

Our guess is that the team behind Leeo are working diligently on some hardware that will connect multiple home automation devices as well as having an app to control it all.

And it is this team of tech ‘rockstars’ that has got investors such as Formation 8, Vissionaire Ventures, Max Levchin, Scott Banister and German electric utility company E.ON. excited about Leeo.

A recent blog entry on their site added to the hype with a promise to release their first product in late 2014. We have high hopes for the company and are looking forward to seeing what they come up with in the coming months.