GE’s Brillion app allows you to connect your oven to the internet

GE’s Brillion app allows you to connect your oven to the internet

If you never thought you’d see a time where your oven needed to be connected to the internet, prepare to be surprised. There are so many benefits from having a smart oven, and GE’s new Profile series of oven will make you rethink how you cook altogether. The ‘internet of things’ is taking over life as we know it, and whilst internet connected ovens may seem like an implausible and overly luxurious idea, once they’re adopted into every household, you’ll wonder how you ever existed without one.

To illustrate this point, if you are out shopping or on your way home, you can preheat the oven via WiFi using the GE developed smartphone app ‘Brillion’. Or you can always ensure your oven is turned off even after you’ve left the house. Aside from these features, the app can change the oven temperatures, set cooking timers and alter the settings on the built-in meat thermometer probe.

You can also set alerts on your phone to notify you when the meal is cooked. That’s especially handy when you’re in a different section of the house and don’t always hear the oven timer.

If the idea of having the oven on at home whilst unattended worries you, don’t panic, GE have installed a safety lock on the oven that will help prevent the door from being prematurely opened.

GE Brillion App

“Consumer convenience will always be a driving factor in GE’s new appliance designs,” said a GE spokesperson. “Consumer’s use smartphones to manage their lives, so it only makes sense that the technologies would converge.”

Working with the specific GE ovens PT9550, PK7500, PT9050, and PK7000, what’s impressed us most is that the price doesn’t reflect the benefits. The Profile Oven range are moderately priced, certainly cheaper than their Samsung competitors (who are yet to release a fully connected oven) and closer to the LG range of ovens. The only realistic competition would come from the Bosch Home Connect platform.

For around $1,600-$2,000USD, you are able to purchase a fully connected oven, with solid cooking credentials. As of yet, the Profile oven range are only available for purchase in the US, however as GE has a strong presence in Australia, we’re imagining they will be available over here shortly.

GE Brillion Buttons

GE Brillion Specs:

GE has developed the Brillion app to run in sync with their full range of Brillion-enabled connected devices. The ovens are the first product to come out of GE Appliances that are fully connected, but according to the GE website, they’re expecting more to roll out in 2014.

  • Moderately priced to fit in with most budgets
  • Pre-heat your oven before arriving home
  • Receive alerts on your smartphone when your meal is done
  • Safety lock included in every oven
  • Compatible with both Android and iOS
  • Works on oven models: PT9050, PT9550, PK7000 and PK7500