Control4’s ‘MyHome’ Mobile App

Control4’s ‘MyHome’ Mobile App

US based home automation company, Control4, has produced a welcome addition to their current family of home automation solutions. The Control4 ‘MyHome’ app is a collection of applications available on both smart phones and tablets that provide a convenient and flexible way to manage your Control4 home automation system.

The Control4 ‘MyHome’ app allows you to interact with and control your connected devices in your home. Users must already have the Control4 ‘MyHome’ system installed to connect the app. Connecting the app is easy – using either your local Wi-Fi network when you are at home or the additional subscription to ‘Anywhere Access’, you can connect remotely connect your home devices to the MyHome app. The app allows you to control lights, thermostat, cameras and more depending on your connected devices.

Prior to the apps development and release, the Control4 system required purpose built remote controllers. The introduction of the app means that anyone with access to a smart phone or tablet can use the Control4 system on the go.

Smart Home solutions are currently changing the way users interact with the electrical components and systems available in their houses. Companies like Control4 are paving the way by designing products that integrate seamlessly within your home.

Whilst a professional is required to wire up this system and complete the installation process, it can be completed to the exact requirements of your home, ensuring that you are able to fully customise your home automation experience.

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According to Control4 Chairman and Chief Strategy Officer, Will West, the company has high ambitions. “Since Control4’s debut in March 2003, we have been steadfast in our vision to deliver best-of-class home automation solutions and drive relationships that enhance both the dealer and customer experience”. This approach is reflected in their new collection which is available from authorised dealers.

Australian users can contact Advance Audio Australia, Parramatta Road, Leichardt to discuss the installation of a Control4 ‘MyHome’ system in their homes.

A basic setup including lights, alarm system, air conditioning and entertainment systems will cost between $3000-$4000 plus a $2000 installation fee. The system is installed by professionals, so it can be completely customised. If you’re feeling flsuh, Control4 has also been known to re-write codes to match your requirements!