Control Your Home with the SwannOne Home Automation Hub

Control Your Home with the SwannOne Home Automation Hub

If you’d like a smart home security solution that is easy to set up and simple to use, check out the new SwannOne home automation hub. With SwannOne, buyers will be able to control all aspects of their home security or company security from a single smartphone app.

The smart home industry has been going ahead in leaps and bounds, and the SwannOne system is a good example. With this home automation app, users can access any of their devices from around the world. Control your home via the mobile application that is full of convenient features. The app can be used on mobile phones and tablets. It includes home and away modes, plus scheduling rules that cover lighting, locks, alarms, and temperature in the home. Furthermore, professional monitoring services can be added if required.

Created by D.I.Y. security industry veteran, Swann Security, the SwannOne consists of many customisable kits. These kits suit anything from basic home needs to more complex set ups. Accessories for the hub are sold separately as well, so that the system can be scaled as required. The more involved kits can include things such as video monitoring, and a comprehensive alarm. Control solutions for a variety of appliances, and even energy management, will also be covered.

SwannOne is completely scalable and upgradable for changing needs and uses a Wi-Fi connection to sync with your smartphone. It is also compatible with the ZigBee wireless technology standards, which are the universal standards developed for product/device automation.

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Features of the SwannOne

The starting point of the SwannOne system is the Wi-Fi-enabled SoundView Camera. It features high-definition video streaming, sound and motion detection, night vision, and smartphone alerts. The camera also serves as the central control hub for the rest of a business or home’s devices.

SwannOne also incorporates a large range of services that can be used by customers. These optional extras include professionally patrolled monitoring of the system, and audio analytics. Storage in the Cloud will be available too. These features are run by a rules engine that can be customised to suit each user. There is no hard wiring required to use the solution. Instead, the system is fitted with 3M Command strips for simple and transferable placement.

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The first-of-its-kind smart home system will make worrying about home or office security a thing of the past. The SwannOne will alert users to things such as a presence at the building, glass windows being broken, or doors or windows being open or closed. Users can also be alerted to sounds being recorded. The device will allow customers to remotely run their home or office too. Users can set optimal room temperatures, monitor power usage (to increase energy efficiency), and turn appliances on or off remotely.

Swann Security, the makers of the new product, has 27 years’ experience in the security industry creating do-it-yourself security solutions for homes and office. They are bringing their experience to the home automation industry, and are expected to launch the new system late this year. The SwannOne hub is suitable for purchasers that live on their own, rent a home, have a family, run a small business, own a holiday house, are looking to save energy, or want peace of mind.

SwannOne Specs

At this point in time, the SwannOne has not yet launched. If interested in the system, go to the company’s website,, to submit your contact details. The system is expected to launch late this year, perhaps in November.

  • SwannOne operates using Wi-Fi and the system’s app can be used on mobiles and tablets.
  • It is compatible with the ZigBee standards.
  • The product comes in a variety of kits, from basic to more complex versions. The SwannOne SoundView Camera forms the basis of the kits. The system is scalable and customisable.
  • The SwannOne system is suitable for homes and offices and alerts users to things like sounds and motion captured at the building; glass windows being broken; and doors and windows being open or closed.
  • Using the SwannOne system, buyers can also turn appliances on or off when they’re not in the building, and set the temperature as required.