Clime Sensors Are The Complete Smart Home Solution

Clime Sensors Are The Complete Smart Home Solution

If you can imagine something that needs monitoring in your smart home, Clime sensors will most likely be able to handle it for you. The great thing is, that 1 small unit can sense multiple environmental changes and alert you of anything thats happening in your home.

What can Clime Sensors monitor?

Able to sense changes in temperature, humidity, light and movement – Clime sensors are customisable to handle most areas of home automation that you can think of. They’re also a more economical alternative to disparate solutions like Estimote Nearables or a Nest Thermostat as they cover so many different variables around the house. Imagine them as ibeacons but more versatile.

With the ability to personalise the dashboard and alerts, Clime can be customised to keep you on top of multiple aspects of your smart home. You can use them to monitor the comings and goings of family members, or the temperatures in a baby’s room. If you attach them to anything that you’re concerned may go missing, you’ll get an alert as soon as the item moves. They’re built and covered with foam PVC which means they’re durable to damage around the house. It also means that they’re weather proof, so you can use them to monitor outdoors too – with garden plants as an example.

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The greatest appeal of the Clime is it’s simplicity. It’s small and durable and can perform multiple functions from a number of different locations around your home (or office for that matter). Their versatility means that rather than purchasing a variety of solutions, it might be worth considering these little babies for the complete solution to your home automation needs.

They’re just getting going on their crowdfunding, so you can get a good deal on a whole pack of them if you pre-order now at

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