Lively is Home Automation for the Elderly

Lively is Home Automation for the Elderly

Lively is a home automation platform for the elderly. Designed with respect and independence in mind, it is intended to be a system that runs more “passively” than actively. What exactly does that mean?

An app for the elderly that isn’t intrusive

Lively keeps an eye on your loved one without them having to do anything special. Sensors can be placed around the home and learn their routine for eating, taking medicine and general exercise habits. That information is then captured, interpreted by the Lively Hub and sent securely to the its website without the need for a home wi-fi connection.

lively activity sensors

That information is then accessible by family and can ping notifications to them if the hub senses that something isn’t right.

You can attach the sensors to the fridge, to alert if it seems like the owner is not eating. They can be attached to pill-boxes to show that medication is being taken at the appropriate interval. The sensors can even be attached to a set of keys to measure time outside the house.

What are the advantages of Lively?

One of the great things about Lively is that it sits in the background. It’s set up to adapt to the lifestyle of the subject (for want of a better word!). Lively learns your daily routine without the need for video cameras or any other intrusion. It gathers that information and sends it back to the hub for processing. It then shares that information and makes it available via smartphone, tablet or desktop.


One of the added benefits is that you can also create a “LivelyGram” that sends photos and updates via the mail to your loved one. The website will compile this for you based on uploads of your recent pictures. This seems like an unnecessary extra but one that you may choose to use, all the same.


Lively Features

  • Easy Install – Plug and play Hub
  • No need for a home network
  • Activity sensors can be configured for multiple use
  • Updates available by website or mobile app
  • Alerts for important moments
  • No Contracts

  • Price: - US