Skydrop – The Smart Sprinkler

Skydrop – The Smart Sprinkler

Skydrop is a smart sprinkler that will save you money and save the world at the same time – thats 2 ways you can feel better about yourself with 1 purchase. Skydrop manages the sprinklers in your garden and how and when they should operate – optimising the amount of water it gets according to the weather conditions and your requirements.

When you think about it, the Skydrop Smart Sprinkler makes sense. You wouldn’t tune up all the technology in you car if it looked like a beat-up heap of junk. Likewise, no home automation installation is complete without giving the proper thought and attention to the Garden Automation.

Skydrop – The Smart Garden Solution

Like Nest, Skydrop WiFi Sprinkler uses a combination of user and environment generated inputs to best calculate when and how to water your lawn. It takes hyperlocal data from local weather stations in the cloud (pun intended) and combines them with your needs to keep your automated garden in pristine condition for minimal effort. The super smart garden bit, is where the Skydrop’s sensors kick in. As it waters the garden, it sense the overall moisture levels in the soil to ensure the grass always has the optimal irrigation – not too much, not too little. It really is smart – among its other settings, this garden gadget can adjust and drip feed the more sensitive areas of your gardens (for example the parts containing new plants or flowers).

With the combination of an on the wall monitor and a smart phone app for when you’re away from the house, Skydrop WiFi Sprinkler is an extension to the smart home with massive benefits that we could all get behind to save the environment and a bit of cash along the way.

Skydrop – Specs

  • Connects to most existing sprinkler systems for easy installation
  • Works with the environment and personalised settings
  • Can distribute water to different zones at different rates
  • Easy to use interface
  • Can be operated from Android or iOS
  • Helps the environment
  • Saves money on water bills