Sense Sleep Tracker

Sense Sleep Tracker

Sense is a sleep tracker unlike others in the market – its not a wearable device but instead sits on your night stand next to your bed. One of the main differences between Sense and other sleep trackers is that it doesn’t just monitor how you’re sleeping but also the conditions that lead to a good night’s sleep.

How does Sense Sleep Tracker Work?

The Sense Sleep Tracker monitors the following conditions:

  • Light – is your bedroom too bright?
  • Temperature – is your bedroom too hot or too cold?
  • Humidity – is your room to dry or humid?
  • Particles – are there particles in the air that could bring on allergic reactions?

The Sense has already been a massive success, at time of writing it had brought in 4 times its kickstarter target of $100,000.

sense sleep tracker

Why is Sense different from other Sleep Trackers?

Most sleep trackers tell you how you slept but not the conditions that lead to a good or bad sleep – meaning you can’t do much about it. Sense is not a wearable either, so no cumbersome wristbands to wear to bed. Instead, Sense has 3 pieces of hardware. The gadget itself, which sits next to your bed – it comes in cotton white or charcoal black.

Then there is the Sleep Pill which clips into your pillow and monitors your rest using an accelerometer and gyroscope. It can last up to a year and will survive the washing machine.

Finally there is the smartphone app which will give you feedback and even present you with a sleep score. That score is based on the environment around you, so a quiet room may earn you more points but if it gets too hot, you may end up losing points. The app will score all of these for you so you can adjust and optimise your sleep accordingly. As a bonus, the Sense will even wake you up at a time it feels appropriate the next morning.

Is the Sense Sleep Tracker good?

Its probably the sleakest and sexiest connected device that we’ve seen come to market. Its feature set is expansive and Sense’s makers seem to have thought of everything when it comes to getting a better night’s sleep – we love this project and can’t wait to get our hands on one.